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i can only picture these people stranded out in the middle of the ocean in this picture. like there is nothing around them for thousands of miles 





One of the best scenes of Malcolm in the Middle ever.

that fucking kid took one for the team


If you love Disney you must follow this blog!


Oh no he didn’t. Get tickets today!



dear fucking tumblr

this is a fucking bumblebee


this is a fucking bee


this is a fucking hornet


this is a fucking wasp


as you can fucking see the longer their legs are and the less fuzzy they are is equivalent to how fucking evil they fucking are

I feel like I just watched a step by step pokemon evolution


The kid in the back feelin it




When my iPhone drops…


my xperia once flew out of my pocket in a carnival ride and it didn’t even dent


i havent eaten an apple in days. the doctors are closing in. my barricade wont last much longer. theyre coming. tell my family i love them


is eight years old, she’s got pink cheeks that her grandmother calls chubby. She wants a second cookie but her aunt says “you’ll get huge if you keep eating.” She wants a dress and the woman in the changing room says “she’ll probably need a large in that.” She wants to have dessert and her waiter says “After all that dinner you just had? You must be really hungry!” and her parents laugh.

is eleven and she is picked second-to-last in gym class. She watches a cartoon and sees that everyone who is annoying is drawn with a big wide body, all sweaty and panting. At night she dreams she is swelling like the ocean over seabeds. When she wakes up, she skips school.

is thirteen and her friends are stick-thin ballerinas with valleys between their hipbones. She is instead developing the wide curves of her mother. She says she is thick but her friends argue that she’s “muscular” and for some reason this hurts worse than just admitting that she jiggles when she walks and she’ll never be a dancer. Eating seconds of anything feels like she’s breaking some unspoken rule. The word “indulgent” starts to go along with “food.”

is fourteen and she has stopped drinking soda and juice because they bloat you. She always takes the stairs. She fidgets when she has to sit still. Whenever she goes out for ice cream, she leaves half at the bottom - but someone else always leaves more and she feels like she’s falling. She pretends to like salad more than she does. She feels eyes burrowing through her body while she eats lunch. Kate Moss tells her nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, but she just feels like she is wilting.

is fifteen the first time her father says “you’re getting gaunt.” She rolls her eyes. She eats one meal a day but thinks she stays the same size. Every time she picks up a brownie she thinks of the people she sees on t.v. and every time she has cake, she thinks of the one million magazine articles on restricting calories. She used to have no idea a flat stomach was supposed to be beautiful until she saw advice on how to achieve it. She cuts back on everything. She controls. They tell her she’s getting too thin but she doesn’t believe it.

is sixteen and tearing herself into shreds in order for a thigh gap big enough to hush the screams in her head. She doesn’t “indulge,” ever. She can’t go out with friends, they expect her to eat. She damns her sweet tooth directly to hell. It’s coffee for breakfast and tea for lunch and if there’s dance that evening, two cups of water and then maybe an apple. She lies all the time until she thinks the words will rot her teeth. She dreams about food when she sleeps. Her aunt begs her to eat anything, even just a small cookie. They say, “One bite won’t make you fat, will it, darling?”

is seventeen and too sick to go to prom because she can’t stand up for very long. She thinks she wouldn’t look good in a dress anyway. Her nails are blue and not because they are painted. Her hair is too thin to do anything with. She’s tired all the time and always distracted. She once absently mentions the caloric value of grapes to the boy she is with and he looks at her like she’s gone insane and in that moment she realizes most people don’t have numbers constantly scrolling in their heads. She swallows hard and tries to figure out where it all went wrong, why more than a granola bar for a meal makes her feel sick, why she tastes disease and courts with death. She misses sleep. She misses being able to dream. She misses being herself instead of just being empty.

is twenty and writes poetry and is a healthy weight and still fights down the voices every single day. She puts food in her mouth and sometimes cries about it but more and more often feels good, feels balanced. Her cheeks are pink and they are chubby and soft and no longer growing slight fur. Her hair is long and it is beautiful. She still picks herself apart in the mirror, but she’s starting to get better about it. She wears the dress she likes even if it only fits her in a large and she doesn’t feel like a failure for it. She is falling in love with the fat on her hips.

She is eating out with friends and not worrying about finding the lowest calorie item on the menu when she hears a mother tell her four year old daughter “You can’t have ice cream, we just had dinner.
You don’t want to end up as a fat little girl.”


Why do we constantly do this to our children? /// r.i.d (via inkskinned)

This is heartbreaking

(via emsfitjourney)


This dude really made his own vine as well





Welcome to my mind.

I live a mitten called Michigan.

Happily taken. <3


I'm Christian.

God and my family & friends always come first.

I love movies more than people.

I could basically live off of my laptop.

Don't be afraid to ask me anything. I'm always available! :D

❒Single ❒Taken ✔ Married to Elijah Wood. <3

Elijah Jordan Wood is my first favorite actor. I could stare at those beautiful blue eyes all day. He's drop dead gorgeous and is an amazing actor.

Zachary James Baker is my favorite rock star. Not only is he a talented guitarist, but he's also gorgeous, funny, and HARDCORE! Unlike some A7x fans, I love/support Zacky and Gena as a couple.

Jensen Ross Ackles is my second favorite actor. He is my knight upon a white horse or in this case, a 67' Chevy Impala. x'D As soon as I saw him on Supernatural, I became head over heels for him.

Avenged Sevenfold is my favorite band in the whole wide world! I love each and every one of the guys! Their music pretty much completes me and I'm a proud to be an Avenger.

One Direction is my second favorite band. All of them are sooo gorgeous and have such amazing voices! I may not agree with a lot of the 1D fandom one hundred percent, but I'm really proud to be a Directioner.

I think it's safe to say that I have an unhealthy Disney addiction. I don't hate the newer Disney movies, I'm just more of a sucker for the classic Disney movies. I would have to say my that my top two favorite Disney movies are Beauty And The Beast & The Lion King.

Where do I even begin...? The Lord Of The Rings & The Hobbit are pretty much my life! I would have to say that my favorite character from the LOTR is Frodo Baggins & my favorite character from The Hobbit is Thorin Oakenshield.

Supernatural owns the key to my heart. I love the cast, the characters, and the thrills. When it comes to Supernatural, Dean Winchester's my man.

Other Guys I Love:

*Austin Carlile.

*Frank Iero.

*Aidan Turner.

*Dean O'Gorman.

*Richard Armitage.

*Dylan O'Brien.

*Tom Hiddleston.

*Alex Gaskarth.

*Jack Barakat.

*Johnny Depp.

Other Favorite Bands:


*Of Mice & Men.

*Asking Alexandria.

*A Day To Remember.


*All Time Low.

*The Devil Wears Prada.

Other Favorite TV Shows:


*The Legend Of Korra.

*Once Upon A Time.


*The Big Bang Theory.

*Adventure Time.

*Bravest Warriors.

*Pokemon (Indigo League, Adventures on the Orange Islands, The Johto Journeys, Johto League Champions, and Master Quest).

*Sword Art Online.


*Fairy Tail.

*Blue Exorcist.

*Nagi no Asukara.

*Teen Titans.

*Family Guy.

*Without A Trace.

*Criminal Minds.

*Sons Of Anarchy.


Other Things I Like:



*Scenes & Scene hair.









*Final Fantasy Series.

*Studio Ghibli movies.

*Kingdom Hearts.




*Iron Man.





*Video Games.

*Super Mario Bros.


*DC Comics.

*Marvel Comics.

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